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Planning your perfect wedding in Spain

At Costa del sol Marbella we ensure your wedding in Spain will be perfect. We tailor make packages which suit you and your partner which means not one of our weddings are the same.

If you are planning on getting married in Spain, we have a wide variety of extra which you can add to your packages to make your wedding extra special and stress free.

Choosing a wedding scene is one of the primary choices you’ll make as a drew in couple — it will impact your sellers, spending plan, stylistic theme, and even clothing, everything. We chose to give you all a few hints.

Many people long for a Wedding in Spain, and truly, they are not wrong to, in light of the fact that the whole Cost Del Sol is genuinely excellent, with some stunning settings for a wedding scene if you are getting married in Spain.

Before discussing the variables you have to endure at the top of the priority list for the setting determination, you have to know, or if nothing else evaluate what number of individuals you will welcome to your wedding.

Spanish wedding planner

Hi there! I am Sara, and this blog is where I curate the most stylish Mediterranean weddings to inspire brides who want to be  Getting Married in Spain. This space is designed to help you find ideas, information and the perfect vendor for your Mediterranean wedding…

The perfect guide for a wedding in Spain

Wedding in Spain Packages

Wedding in Spain Packages At Costa del Sol Marbella with your Wedding in Spain Packages, we get a kick out of the chance to keep things easy and simple, after all what might be the point in employing a wedding organiser in the event that it made things entangled! So we have assembled our big day bundle to give our couples a smart thought of what is normally included and in

Wedding Planner in Marbella

If you are making use of a wide variety of our specialist wedding services, you may likewise wish to make utilisation of our expert wedding planner in Marbella as well. We are one of the main wedding planners in Marbella and we are accessible to enable you to design your wedding in Spain, to flawlessness! Our wedding planner in Marbella can work with you and help with to such an extent,

Getting Married in Spain

Thinking of getting married in Spain? For those wishing of getting married in Spain there are a few stages that the couple must stick to. The Spanish specialists appreciate requesting increasingly printed material and this can get exceptionally convoluted and can be distressing notwithstanding for the enlisted occupants. The initial step is to contact the nearby registry office, town lobby or church where you are wanting to wed. As a

Wedding Planner Marbella

Marbella Wedding Planner help organise the most important day of your life. Marbella Wedding Planner is staffed by a small team of experienced and dedicated industry professionals who have many years of experience in the Costa Del Sol events scene. Our planner and coordinator feels an immense sense of reward when they see how much joy they bring into people’s lives with their bespoke event planning and styling packages. DESTINATION

Weddings in Spain

Imagine the setting… sandy beach, crashing waves and the sun setting as you say I do! Or perhaps you prefer rolling hills, magnificent vistas and the backdrop of a charming traditional finca as you marry the love of your life. Spain has such a wealth of venues and locations that are perfect for your wedding in Spain and it can even guarantee the weather! Although it can seem a little

Spain Wedding Packages

When it comes to choosing the style of wedding you want for a destination wedding, there are two options that you need to think about – whether you want to design the wedding to suit your individual needs and dreams or whether you want to choose a package wedding where everything is in place already. There are obviously pros and cons to them both, and the hard part is just

The Best Wedding destinations in the World

Spain has a wide variety of Island choices and places to stay, make sure you take time choosing the right destination for you.

Picking which time of year

Spain is an extremely popular tourist location. If you are looking for somewhere peaceful then ensure you plan your wedding outside the summer season.

When is the right time to get married

Peak summer months in Spain temperatures can reach around 30 degrees. If you are looking to getting married in Spain in the summer ensure you look to get married outside of the midday sun.

How much does it cost to get married in Spain?

When planning a wedding abroad in Spain, ensure you let your guest know as soon as possible so they will have plenty of time to book any arrangements necessary and they can take advantage of early booking prices.

Small Wedding in Spain

“Wedding’s in Spain with a fantastic location of Marbella are timeless and elegant, yet not stuffy or conservative. It’s the perfect to capture all your amazing memories. You can personalize the entire event with our Wedding in Spain Packages. ”

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“This Segovia Palacio will brighten up your day with it’s rustic feel. This venue will make your wedding day an unpretentiously elegant affair. This is the perfect venue for a heartfelt celebration with guests from all over the world even if you want a Small Wedding in Spain.”


Frequently Asked Questions for people Getting Married in Spain

Weddings in Spain are mostly symbolic ceremonies so you will need to have the legal part performed here in the UK.

Getting Married in Spain is one of the best destinations in the world. You are best to discuss your requirements with your wedding specialists and then you can decide what is best for you and your partner, there is a wide variety of choice from the Balearic to mainland Spain.

With our Wedding in Spain packages, the hotels can organise a reception for you, alternatively if you would like to organise your reception on your own that is fine.

Your hotel will have an allocated staff member who will be responsible for helping all wedding couples. In addition you can always give us a call and we would be more than happy to help.

Indeed, just let us know as our Spain wedding packages all inclusive will allow you to book whichever guests in that you may need.